Overall Curriculum

We have a unique, exciting approach to learning at Keresley Grange, built around stories. We are a Storytelling School, and we have achieved Gold Standard training for this. We are an accredited Storytelling School. Our whole environment is rich in storytelling. Our vision is that our curriculum is mapped around our rich storytelling themes for learning. 


Reading is a fundamental non-negotiable requirement. We want all children to be fluent readers by the time they enter Year 5, and our systematic approach to phonics - Read, Write, Inc. - supports this in the early stages. Accelerated Reader also provides support for children and motivation to help them read a wider range of books.


As another core subject, Maths is also an important part of our school.  We are using well-researched and proven strategies from around the world, such as Singapore Bar Modelling, to teach Maths.  Our aim is to make sure that our children have a secure understanding and can explain it using models, images and precise mathematical vocabulary. Our key route for learning is based on Inspire Maths.


This year, we are focusing heavily on using Kagan Co-operative Learning techniques in lessons to ensure that all children are actively involved in their own learning. 


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